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An absolute must-have!

The gloves of HandsOn Gloves are an incredibly fun and most advanced product in the field of grooming of your horse, cat or dog in the year 2017! Do not settle for less!
Already a hit in America ... and now also available all over Europe!

Because of the scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms, HandsOn Gloves makes grooming and washing your horses, dogs and cats a lot easier and more carefully clean. They are super during the shedding seasons. An additional advantage is that the hair is not sticking into the HandsOn Gloves; a simple wrist movement causes to release the hair immediately, so you can go on with your grooming.

In addition to the benefits during the shedding seasons, we have discoverde a lot more benefits by using these magnificent gloves!
Grooming your horse or dog with your hands, instead of a brush, also allows you to have more contact between you and your horse or dog.
We probably don't need you to tell that grooming will be even more effective and more intense. It gives you in addition equal more info on the well being of your horse and dog.
A win-win situation ... for you and your horse or dog!                                                                   

Because of the flexible gloves with the scrubbing nodules in a variety of sizes, you can easilly reach all places on the body of you animal. Especially on those spots where it was difficult with your old brush.
Because you're grooming with your hands and fingertops, you can also groom on sensitive pieces, such as behind the ears, behind the front legs, on the singel place and around the eyes. The more effective cleaning of these spots prevents irritation and the formation of mold on spots where the webbing and other rig come in contact with your horse.

All advantages at a glance

  • thorough cleaning of skin, legs, tail by the scrub nodules (also fine for competition horses!)
  • to us with water or without water
  • perfectly at shedding of horses, dogs and cats
  • glove moves along with the bony and sensitive portions of your animal (in opposed to all metal brushes!)
  • let loose hairs is easy. It'll not stick to the gloves and will prevents clogging
  • the nodules and the flexible glove is making massaging 'easy '
  • the nodules are flexible and gentle enough for sensitive parts of the animal
  • improve the blood circulation through the massage
  • It relaxes your horse or dog; they wil enjoy a lot!
  • building and to increase the understanding between you and your animal
  • use of shampoos, essential oils, etc. is possible
  • gloves keep your hands and fingers neatly
  • they gloves will not glide of
  • your hands and fingernails keep clean in the gloves
  • you can also grab other materials (shampoo bottle, your leadrope, etc. etc.)
  • the HandsOn Gloves are compact and fit easily in your pocket, your grooming box or bag
  • animals LOVE LOVE LOVE to be groomed with the HandsOn Gloves - they will ask you for more!

    Still in doubt if these Gloves are your 'thing' as well?

You're invited to our Horse Trainingcentre Dalfsen to try these gloves yourself! But bring your wallet because we are sure you will love them! 
Please first make an appointment and we will happy to see you!


How do our customers feel about HandsOn Gloves?

"Super gloves! Works easy and the horse loves two "brushes" at the same time in her neck. Am happy with them. Cheers, Gerdie."

“Horse finds gloves fantastic!!!" A couple of minutes later: "So does the dog!"
Annika ten Napel- veterinarian

"Nice gloves and my horse finds them fantastic! So nice to use them." - Janny G.

"Hi Karin, they just got in and I tried them. Haha... a happy Ragdoll and snowy breeze of hair flowing in the summer strom. Just as I expected. It was worth the search." Greetings Marc

"Briljant product. Hassan finds them awesome!" - Eric Laarakker - dierenarts.

"Quick service, lovely product. Customer service was swift and solution minded."  - Joke J.